Jordan Lung

Jordan started JL Video out of his back spare bedroom in 2012 with the goal to make creative and professional videos. Five years later, their fully loaded studio services clients both nationally and internationally.

Brittany Lung

Brittany is a creative and organized person on the team. She loves to meet new clients and help them achieve their goal in making video production a part of their marketing strategy. Her creative vision is second to none.

Ron Peters

Ron joined the team in 2015 bringing over 30 years of experience in photography and videography. His ability to precisely shoot and edit videos are impeccable. He loves researching the latest and greatest gadgets.

Justin DaSilva

Justin joined the team in 2017 with a passion to produce creative and captivating videos. He brings a young and fresh perspective to videos! His passion is filmmaking and he loves being on shoots of all sizes.

Our Humble Beginnings


Hello, friend. Sit back, relax, and let us tell you the story about JL Video. It all started back in 2005 when co-founder, Jordan Lung, tore his meniscus playing high school football. He thought his dreams to further his football career were shattered, but new dreams arose. His coach gave him a choice – either be the water boy to his teammates or film the games for us. Jordan consented and began filming every game. His skills grew and so did his interest for video production. Soon after gaining experience with video cameras, he attended and graduated from Evangel University where his love for video production grew! He studied broadcasting where he learned to write stories, construct creative story boards, and direct and produce video projects. After completing his degree, he embarked on a rigorous two-year video production internship at a large church training personnel to operate cameras, edit, direct, produce, and manage video projects. Shortly after completing the internship, he and Brittany packed their bags and moved to Trinity, Fla. to begin their journey as owners of JL Video. This company exists to produce quality videos at an affordable rate ensuring the highest customer satisfaction possible. Since 2012, JL Video has created more than 500 videos and helped with more than 150 businesses, organizations, and newlyweds. That leads us to you, now. You are part of our story. We’d love to share your story through our creative video production process. Let’s make history together!

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Our In-House Studio


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We’re Small Enough

We are a team of dedicated people who are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about what we do. We are committed not only to doing a good job, we are also dedicated to creating the sort of content that you envisioned for your event or your organization. We are small enough to be enthusiastic to do your job with the kind of personal touch that it requires.

But We’re Still Big Enough Too

We can handle whatever you throw at us. Together, we complement and complete each other and create a team that brings a lot of diverse skills, talents, and abilities to the table. Each of us has a particular strength that the other augments. And that is why our video production company in Tampa, in the business since 2012, has worked to create hundreds of videos working closely with individuals, couples, and businesses.

Apart from our various collective skill sets and wide-ranging experience, we are able to offer you the options that you need. We have an in-house studio that can be used for various requirements, we can work at offsite locations to help create the content that you dreamed of and even offer drone cinematography should that requirement arise.

Know more about our video production company and the sort of high-quality, cost-effective videos we can create for you. Call us at 727-247-2013 or use our contact form to get in touch with any question you may have.


Let Us Market Your Company to Make It Stand Out

In a crowd of generic, competing businesses, it can be difficult to be heard and seen; particularly be heard and seen as a business with something more and something special to offer. So how can you ensure that the products and services offered by your business are highlighted in a favorable way; that the special personality of your business comes across even in your promotional video? We make it our business to capture the essence of what our clients want so that we can bring your dreams to fruition.